Implementing an ISO 55001 Compliant Asset Management System

Category: Asset Management

This course provides a detailed work-through of the components of ISO 55001, provides guidance regarding how organisations can demonstrate compliance with each element, and discusses the practicalities of implementing robust Asset Management practices and processes within an organisation, in the context of ISO 55000. Participants will gain detailed insight into:

  • Asset management concepts and terminology
  • Key elements of an asset management system
  • The fundamentals underpinning asset management
  • The structure and intent of the ISO 55000 series of standards
  • Implementing improved asset management processes
  • Gaining ISO 55001 certification
This course is aimed at people who are leading and participating in the development, implementation or maintenance of an organisation's asset management system.

The course is structured around eleven individual modules that can be completed at the participant's own pace. The complimentary introductory module, Module 1-Introduction & Course Overview, is viewable by watching the video below. 

The remaining modules are  listed below:

  • Module 2 - What Is Asset Management
  • Module 3 - Principles & Attributes of Asset Management
  • Module 4 - Asset Management Decision Making Concepts
  • Module 5 - International Standard for Asset Management
  • Module 6 - Key Requirements & Their Interpretation
  • Module 7 - The Asset Management Journey
  • Module 8 - Developing the Necessary Documentation
  • Module 9 - Building Capabilities
  • Module 10 - Certification Against ISO 55001
  • Module 11 - Summary of Course Modules & Reflection on Key Learnings

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Start Date:  Thursday, 07 May 2015
Cost: 499(AUD)
Topics: 11

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