RCM-PMO Team Members Course

Category: Reliability

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Many of you may be wondering why you should apply RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) or PMO (Planned or Preventive Maintenance Optimisation) within your organisation.  The short answer is that it will better enable you and your organisation to capitalise on the equipment reliability and plant capability by optimising the maintenance schedules applied to it.  Your maintenance schedules will be optimised and therefore more efficient, your overall system reliability will improve, unplanned maintenance will decrease, productivity will improve and much more.

During this course you will be guided through Assetivity's Rapid Equipment Strategy Development process.  You will gain an understanding of the key concepts underpinning these 11 steps, and how these concepts can be applied in practice. 

In concluding the course, we will discuss what happens after you have applied this 11 step process with this new found knowledge. 

Start Date:  Saturday, 11 April 2015
Topics: 10

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