Asset Managers and Asset Management Engineers have responsibility for ensuring that physical assets are managed well across the entire asset lifecycle. As an Asset Manager, by integrating technical and commercial functions, and by bridging the gaps between organisational silos, you can generate huge value for all the stakeholders in your organisation. ISO 55000 provides a sound framework for good Asset Management, and the following courses, endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management, provide you with the skills to effectively apply the principles that are embedded within it. The following courses are designed for:

  • Those moving into Asset Manager and Asset Management Engineering roles,
  • Experienced Asset Managers and Asset Management Engineers wishing to improve their skills, and
  • Those wishing to implement Asset Management systems and processes that are aligned with ISO 55000 within their organisation.

Depending on your role within your organisation, we suggest that you take the following courses:


Key Role

1 Policy Development

2 Strategy Development
3 Asset Management Planning
4 Implement Asset Management Plans
5 Asset Management Capability Development
6 Risk Management and Performance Improvement
7 Asset Knowledge Management


Title Relevance to Roles
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Asset Management Principles and Policy              
- Introduction to Asset Management
- Implementing ISO 55000
- Introduction to Asset Management Policy            
Implementing Asset Management Systems              
- The Asset Management System      
- Defining Asset Management Policy & Strategy          
- Effective Asset Management Strategies and Plans          
- Building an Asset Management Organisation            
- Implementing Asset Management Plans          
- Assessing Asset Management Risk and Performance          

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