As a Maintenance or Reliability Engineer you are in a position to make a real difference to the performance of your organisation. Unfortunately, most engineering qualifications don’t provide instruction in important concepts and tools that Maintenance and Reliability Engineers use in practice. AMTrainingOnline helps you to fill that gap. The following courses are designed for:

  • Degree qualified engineers moving into Maintenance and Reliability Engineering roles,
  • Experienced Maintenance tradesmen and technicians tasked with improving the reliability of the equipment under their care
  • Experienced Maintenance and Reliability Engineers wishing to improve their skills, and
  • Others wishing to gain an appreciation of the concepts, skills and processes involved with Maintenance and Reliability Engineering and improvement.

If you are starting on your learning journey as a Maintenance or Reliability Engineer, we suggest that you take the following courses in this sequence:

  1. Introduction to Maintenance Management
  2. Introduction to Reliability Improvement
  3. RCM and PM Optimisation
  4. Spare Parts Optimisation
  5. Defect Elimination and Root Cause Analysis
  6. Introduction to Asset Management
  7. Spare Parts Optimisation

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