Effective Planning and Scheduling is vital for ensuring that maintenance tradesmen and technicians are as productive as possible. Skilled Maintenance Planners and Schedulers can generate incredible value for the organisations that they work for. The following courses are designed for:

  • Maintenance tradesmen, technicians and others wishing to move into Maintenance Planning and Scheduling roles,
  • Maintenance Planners and Schedulers wanting to improve their skills, and
  • Others wishing to gain an appreciation of the concepts, skills and processes involved with effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.

If you are starting on your learning journey as a Maintenance Planner, we suggest that you take the following courses in this sequence:

  1. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Excellence
  2. Effective Shutdown Planning and Management
  3. Introduction to Maintenance Management
  4. Introduction to Reliability Improvement
  5. Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and PM Optimisation
  6. Spare Parts Optimisation

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