The Maintenance Department in any asset-intensive organisation is both highly complex and critical to the organisation’s success. As a leader in this area, you have both an obligation and an opportunity to ensure that the maintenance function is executed professionally and delivers value to the organisation. This requires special skills, however, many of which cannot be found in trade training. We have a program of such courses available, suitable for:

  • New maintenance team leaders trying to make the break from hands-on work to management, and
  • Experienced maintenance supervisors, superintendents and managers wishing to improve their skills.

If you are an experienced maintenance leader, you can pick from this list as you choose or contact us for advice. If you are starting on your learning journey as a maintenance leader, we suggest that you take the following courses in this sequence:

  1. Introduction to Maintenance Management
  2. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  3. Defect Elimination and Root Cause Analysis
  4. RCM and PM Optimisation
  5. Spare Parts Optimisation
  6. Introduction to Reliability Improvement
  7. Introduction to Asset Management

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